Sunday, February 14, 2016

Renewing My California's Driving License

Chateau Du Mer Main House, Amoingon, Boac, Marinduque, Philippines

Last year on December 20, my 81st birthday, my California Driver's License expired. Three days prior to the expiration date, I visited the California Carmichael Branch which was the nearest from our residence. I was required to take the theoretical test, a Vision test and a Practical Driving test both on the Freeway and local roadway.

I passed the theoretical test but failed on my vision test. Because of the cataract on my left eye.I was given a form to be filled by my optometrist and submit it to the DMV before I could take the practical driving test. I was given a temporary driving license good up to 90 days.

Since it was the Christmas Holidays, it was not until the first week of January 2016 that I had the time to take my Practical Driving test.

I failed the practical test, because I was not turning my head when I turned left or right and just depending on my signal lights. I had other minor driving errors-turning wide on curves etc...

I was told to make another on-line appointment for a second practical test. Since my only free days were Wednesday and Thursday ( these are the two days, that my son is not working so he could watch and take care of my wife who has Parkinson Disease). I was able to make an appointment for the test, one day prior to our departure to the Philippines for our vacation.

That day for the second practical driving test was nerve-racking. If I failed there will be no one to buy our groceries or drive my wife to her doctor's appointment. Luckily I passed the test. However because of my age and vision problem, I was only given a one year extension instead of five with a restriction of not driving in the Freeways and at night time. I was happy. The next day we flew to the Philippines for our 90 day vacation.

We are here now in My Island and Seaside Garden Paradise-Chateau Du Mer Beach Resort and Conference Center, Boac, Marinduque. Since our arrival. My wife and I had attended a successful Family Reunion. Most important of all I had just a successful left eye cataract surgery with the Asian Eye Institute here in Manila.

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