Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Losing Weight is not a Problem if you do not Eat

One of my favorite TV program last season in the US was the Big Loser. Sixteen contestants with various weight problems ( overweight) go into a rigorous exercise and eating program monitored by physicians and 4 exercise and mental health trainers. At the end of the show the winner of the show is the one that loses the most weight in terms of her or his original weight.

The show also reminded me that my wife has no problem losing weight. Her problem is the opposite. Because of her PD, she has a hard time swallowing. In addition, one of her medications side effect is loss of appetite. This morning she was so dehydrated we went to the local hospital for consultation. She was advised to take gatorade, nutritional supplements and forced herself to eat more, otherwise if she continue to loss weight it is Good Bye for her. We also try to have a good breakfast and a balance diet. Here's a re post of my article on Healthy breakfast published in my blogs in 2011.

"Yesterday, my next door neighbor gave me about a pint of fresh raspberries from her backyard. I thought immediately, that the next morning, I will put it in my oat meal for breakfast with low fat milk.

So my breakfast this morning was oatmeal with fresh raspberries and low fat milk. Before the oat meal, I had a cup of freshly brewed Barraco coffee from the Philippines that I enjoyed while reading my e-mail and updating my blogs.

An after-thought after breakfast came into my mind and I ask myself a question. Am I really eating a healthy breakfast? Here's the answer to my own question.( From "The Importance of Eating a Healthy Breakfast", by Jennifer R. Scott, About.com, Health Guide, dated February 26, 2009).

"Eating a healthy breakfast gets your day and your weight loss efforts off to a great start. Eating a healthy breakfast is important for many reasons. Not only does breakfast help you perform better at school or at work by improving your concentration level and the rate at which you complete tasks, it can also help you keep the extra pounds at bay. Eating a healthy breakfast gives you energy and helps to keep blood sugar stabilized which can play a part in keeping your appetite controlled until lunch time. Plus, going too long without eating makes your metabolism slow down. The key to eating a healthy breakfast is eating complex carbohydrates, protein and, if possible, also including a healthy fat.

Consider these healthy breakfast-builders:

Complex Carbohydrates

•bran cereal
•whole wheat bread
•high-fiber cereal
•fruits ( berries, bananas etc..)


•lean protein
•chicken or turkey
•low-fat dairy

Healthy Fat

•nut butter
•extra virgin olive oil

Some examples of healthy breakfasts include:

•whole-grain cereal with skim milk, berries and chopped walnuts
•low-fat cottage cheese, fruit, ground flax seeds, and a whole wheat English muffin
•whole-grain waffle with blueberries and a scrambled egg
•whole wheat English muffin with one tablespoon almond butter, sliced bananas and skim milk

Did you have any breakfast this morning? Don't tell me you did not have the time to have one. I hope you eat a healthy breakfast this morning. Good Day!"

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