Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snaking Your Own Toilet Saves You Money

The last couple of months our toilets had clogged twice. The clog was due to hardened stool of my wife as a result of the medication she is taking for Parkinson's Disease. The first time our toilet clogged, I had not heard of a gadget called the snake
so I called our friendly plumber and I paid $153 for the service of unclogging our toilet. I saw the plumber using a gadget and I asked him the name and he said the snake. I did some Internet search, and I found the following very informative video.

Yesterday, our toilet clogged again. I did not hesitate going to the hardware store and purchase the snake for $69.99 saving me over $80. The above video did help me and give me assurance that I can do the snaking myself instead of calling a professional plumber.
Finally besides saving $80 I have a personal snake I could use any time night or day~ Lessons learned: Never be afraid to ask!

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  1. This has happened to us, and it was a complete nightmare with two young children. However, our toilet blocked due to my two year old throwing lots of paper into the toilet bowl! I didn't get the same results and I had to call in a plumber. He used some sort of device to unblock it. It works like a charm now!


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