Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Pleasant Memories from My Old Photos

Photo taken during the Marinduque Association of Northern California (MANC) Party, San Francisco, 1988 (

A memorable photo after my high school graduation with Manuel Villa, Dolores Legislador, Nimfa Barrido and another friend (sorry I forgot your name), Iloilo City, 1951(

Photos from friends in the Mens South Dorm and UPSCANs (Narenhans), 1954 (

Macrine and Mom-Elena Nieva Jambalos in front of Univ Of Illinois Staff Apartment, Chicago, 1962 (

Our visit to the Cenacle convent in Warrenville, Illinois in 1963 ( With Sisters Guia Jambalos and Tessie Soriano (RIP). (

Macrine Graduation for her BS Nursing Degree, 3256 Ramona St.,Pinole, CA 1980 (

Kona Village Vacation, Hawaii in 1979 (

Some of My FDA Awards and Recognitions, 1998 (

Macrine and I, Hamilton Heights Country Club, Gladstone, Missouri, 1967 (

Auring Aro, Virgie Aguilar and Me at the University of Illinois Cafeteria, 1961 (

Visit at Jesse Santos Residence in Ceres, CA, 1974 (

Foreign Students in the Chicago Area Visiting Sterling Illinois, 1960 (

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