Monday, December 12, 2016

Christmas Lights in My Sister's House in Maryland

For the last 14 years, our neighbor across the street have Christmas lights similar to the Christmas lights décor of my sister in Maryland as shown in the following photos. This year however, there are no lights in his house just a Christmas tree. I had a chance to ask him yesterday why there are no lights in his house this year. He said as a sign of his disappointment and displeasure of Trump's election this year. May be to the millions of Americans who did not vote for Trump-a protest like what my neighbor is doing may be in order. Comments anyone? Anyway, I am posting the following five photos from my sisters FB page for your viewing pleasure.

Baby Agnes and Dennis: The lights are beautiful and thank you for sharing it in your FB page. May the Lights of Christmas Shines on You and Family and May it bring Peace on Earth and Good will to all Men this year and the years to come.

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